Fast Fashion VS Slow Fashion


What is Fast Fashion?

Fast Fashion is the trend where multiple fashion collections are mass produced and marketed to sell in a very short span of time. Fast Fashion brands draw their inspiration from the latest fashion trends, what is hot with A-Listers and catwalks. These designs are then mass produced in a very short time period, compromising on quality and marketed at a cheaper price point. Aim of this game is to capitalise on what’s relevant in the current market, faster than anyone else.


What is Slow Fashion?

Slow Fashion is where fashion brands focus on delivering clothes of high quality, durable and unique designs. Slow Fashion trends cater to a consumer who is fashion conscious and informed of the impact of clothes they wear. These brands are designers who value craftsmanship and high-quality fabrics over being the first to capitalise what’s hot. Silhouettes represents brand as well as consumer values and are designed to last longer than few seasons to come. Slow Fashion price points reflect the great attention to detail, quality of fabrics and lasting durability that makes them a conscious investment.



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